10 Things Every Lawyer Should Know About Legal SaaS

For the past couple weeks, Stem client Themis Solutions, which offers the legal case management software Clio, has been running a series of blog posts aimed at demystifying Software as a Solution, or in its more common abbreviated form ‘SaaS‘.

Here’s a quick run-down of Clio’s 10 key aspects for legal SaaS:

  1. What is Software as a Service?
  2. Why (or why not) choose a SaaS solution?
  3. Why web-based practice management?
  4. Security
  5. Privacy
  6. Data availability
  7. Total cost of ownership
  8. Terms of service
  9. Data Migration
  10. Offline Access

For more details, link on over and read the entire posts within the series. See: “10 Things Every Lawyer Should Know About Legal SaaS“.

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