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Stem Client Roundup for July ’09

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Here’s our quick look at what Stem clients have been busy with over the past month: Web-based practice management solution Clio picked up three recommendations from TechnoLawyer’s recent post SmallLaw: A Law Practice Survival Guide for the Involuntarily Solo. Florida criminal attorney Ron Chapman addressed the issue of false accusations of domestic violence and explains what police are not more »

No Blog Comments & Connecting with Readers

Posted by Steve Matthews on

If a blog post doesn’t receive any comments, does that mean you struck out? Actually, it’s quite common for blog posts not to receive comments. In the legal industry, and especially with lawyer blogs, we see it all the time.  The truth is the majority of online readers are lurkers. It’s called the 90-9-1 Rule, where 90% of… more »

10 People Who Shouldn’t Write About Twitter

Posted by Steve Matthews on

About an hour ago, Kelly Phillips Erb, aka TaxGirl, put an entry on Twitter that I think most regular users of the service would agree with: Some people obviously see value to twitter, and some think it’s a waste of time.  Everyone has a right to critique, so that’s not (entirely) at issue. But when it comes to writing… more »

Legal Blog Software Showdown

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Avvo’s Marketing Manager Conrad Saam recently produced a feature comparison table for the various legal blogging platforms. Unfortunately, the list included a number of inaccuracies, prompting responses from Kevin O’Keefe (for Lexblog), Rick Klau (for Blogger), and a number of others. The list was also a pretty short, and seemed to be crafted to showcase Avvo’s new entry into… more »

Announcing Google OS! Kinda…

Posted by Steve Matthews on

For someone who does the vast majority of their work online, including using Google Apps quite extensively here at Stem, I was pretty excited to see this announcement about the new Google Chrome Operating System.  That is, until I hit the second paragraph: Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. more »

What’s Your Tweetable Elevator Pitch?

Posted by Steve Matthews on

A fun idea germinating from a discussion with Jordan Furlong… Is it possible to reduce a company’s elevator pitch down to the 140 character limit of a twitter entry?  Brevity never being an easy task, it seemed like a challenging & hopefully productive exercise. So, I’m in.  I’ll queue the entry below up on my own account in a… more »

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