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Stem Client Roundup for May ’09

Posted by Steve Matthews on

May is almost over, so we’re due for our usual roundup of Stem client news and achievements. Here’s a look a what everyone’s been up to since our last update: West Palm Beach Criminal Lawyer Blog author Ron Chapman explains the process of administrative expunction at length at his Florida Criminal Records FAQ website. Bernard Pinsky, Chair of Clark… more »

LexisNexis says TCO for SaaS 22% Less

Posted by Steve Matthews on

In a press release that came out in early March, LexisNexis released their CRM product Interaction into the legal SaaS marketplace. Perhaps a sign that web-based software has finally “arrived”, the release itself was quite telling on a number of fronts. First, the quote from Bill Wilshire, Lexis VP of CRM/Analytics: “We estimate that the streamlined efficiencies of InterAction onDemand… more »

Law Centers Make JD Supra Browsable

Posted by Steve Matthews on

An item just posted on the Stem news page: JD Supra announced its new law centers this morning; a feature that should add both context & browsablity to their community-driven collections. The law centers are broken down into four core divisions: personal law, business law, government law, and law practice management; with each major area then… more »

Email Tip: Filter Social Media Notices

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Project work has been plentiful here at Stem recently (which I’m blaming for my lack of blog posts). And like so many of you whose inboxes are constantly running out of control, I found myself needing to take additional action this week. On Wednesday, notifications for twitter follows and friendfeed alone peaked at 45 emails, so I decided to route… more »

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