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Stem Client Roundup for February 2009

Posted by Steve Matthews on

The end of the month means it’s client roundup time again. And despite February being a short month, there’s no shortage of news to share! John Hochfelder, our newest client and New York injury lawyer, wrote some helpful posts for clients involved in injury cases. He described how to prepare for a deposition, how jurors are selected for… more »

More Lawyer Comment Spam

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’m with Nick Holmes, lawyers should know better than to drop comment spam, or let their SEO company do so on their behalf. To be even more blunt, Lawyers should fire their SEO company on the spot if the words “leave comments on other people’s blogs to boost your google rankings” comes out of their mouths! Leave… more »

Let’s Go to Techshow 2009!

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’m very proud to announce that for the first time I’ll be speaking at the LPM sponsored ABA Techshow, this April 2nd to 4th in Chicago! Not only is it a big honour to participate, but I’m also very excited about being paired up with two of Techshow’s veteran presenters – Dave Bilinsky & Reid Trautz.  I offer… more »

Please LegalZoom, No More Spam

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I received the following email last week from an employee at LegalZoom: Hey Steve, I’ve been doing some research into legal issues and how they are represented online, specifically focusing on blogs. Your site has really grabbed my attention for the wealth of topical writing you have done and your involvement in the online legal community.  I currently work for more »

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