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Following up on yesterday’s JD Supra launch post, I’d like to illustrate how The Scoop portion of the site works. I don’t believe either of the following two stories have hit Google news yet, but both are supported by some of the latest legal filings under The Scoop:

  • In re Dell, Inc. ERISA Litigation laintiff’s Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss – “The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York are investigating claims that Dell inflated financial results by engaging in improper revenue recognition and accounting practices. Dell began reducing sales and profit projections as the Company began missing its own revenue, earnings per share and unit sales growth targets, causing significant declines in its stock price.”
  • Perfect 10 v Google (Amended) Opinion – “… While it leaves some questions open, the bottom line is that the Court upheld important policies of fair use and freedom online and resisted Perfect 10’s plea to put copyright owners completely in charge of how and when search engines and other online intermediaries can provide their users with links to images. EFF filed an amicus brief on behalf of Google to beat back Perfect 10’s overreaching copyright claims.”

Now I’m not a journalist, but can certainly imagine how the first document could turn into a story like “SEC Investigates Dell Accounting Practices“; or how a journalist could have fun with the second document, and publish “EFF Defends Google Too“, reflecting that Google isn’t always the bad guy when it comes to EFF support.

For lawyers & law firms, The Scoop is a real opportunity to work with the media. To get your court filings & decisions working on your behalf. And for investigative journalists looking for unique stories, it’s a great tool to monitor possible leads that are backed up with substance.

Sounds like a winning proposition for everyone. Right?

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