The Rise of Lawyer Brands

Every lawyer and legal marketer alike should read this post by Jordan Furlong, titled We Are All Solos. Some of the key points include:

  • Personal lawyer brands are having a dramatic impact on our industry;
  • Law Firm loyalty isn’t what it used to be, we’re fast becoming a free agent nation;
  • Lateral hires are driving an already transient lawyer-firm relationship;
  • Solos are the model to watch;
  • and most important, that each lawyer has “both the responsibility and the requirement to take full control of their career and personal brand”.

I spoke to a younger lawyer friend a few weeks back and this is exactly the advice I gave him. You can’t wait for the firm to build your personal brand for you. They don’t have the resources to do it for every lawyer. Especially in larger firms, and and especially for Associates. Heck, few Partners get help on this kind of stuff, and even their welcome can be worn out these days.

I also loved his point on Solos being the ones to watch. I couldn’t agree more. Solos are a stripped down model of legal practice – especially when it comes to marketing & brand building – that have very favourable characteristics: they’re nimble, they can make mistakes, they can take risks, and they can innovate.

A fantastic & important post Jordan. Well done!


  1. Erik Mazzone said:

    Nice addendum to Jordan’s excellent post. Re solos, additionally, they are not hobbled by groupthink or needing committees to get things done, which helps with the nimbleness.

    @ 11:20 am
  2. Thank you said:

    […] Ron Friedmann […]

    @ 12:55 pm
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