Quoted on CNN Money, Dow Jones

I’m making a note here for personal history, and because I’m not sure the next time I’ll get quoted on CNN Money & Dow Jones. The story relates to my recent post on the controversial Findlaw link sales program.

I would also add, this was probably one of the best experiences I’ve had with a Journalist. The writer, Nat Worden, seemed interested in a complete picture of the story from all sides. I think the final story reflects well on his unbiased approach. He also seemed to understand my limits, and didn’t push when I wasn’t willing to pass along client emails. In turn, I think he was quite happy when I relayed the google cache for pages before the link & PageRank alterations.

This was the type of information exchange I’ve always envisioned when thinking about bloggers and journalists (for some interesting related commentary see this post over at Slaw). Bloggers often know their niche market intimately and can gauge when to do a little more digging; and Journalists know how to flesh out a full & fair picture of what’s going on.

Modern news coverage sure seems to have more to offer when these two sides work together. An interesting glimpse into the future perhaps?


  1. Terrific. Congrats, Steve.

    And your media insight is spot on. Glad you posted your thoughts here.


    @ 1:50 pm
  2. Google Slaps FindLaw In Effort to Crack Down On ‘Link Juice’…

    The Web’s No. 1 search engine has charged FindLaw with the shady tactic of selling Web links — a.k.a. selling "link juice," designed to boost a Web site’s search engine rankings — such as the law firms that are FindLaw……

    @ 4:38 pm
  3. David Canton said:

    For the most part, my encounters with journalists have been positive and similar to your experience. Most understand when you decline to comment on an area that is a bit outside your expertise. Sometimes I scratch my head on the bits they publish about the conversation we had, but there was only one time I felt burned. A journalist called me because I had written a newspaper article on a recent happening in a legal area that I do not practice in – my article was about a web based angle to it. I emphasized more than once to the journalist that I did not practice in X law, and that my expertise and commentary was about the web aspects. The journalist acknowledged that he understoood that. But when the article came out, it described me as an expert in X law. I was not amused.

    @ 4:29 am
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