Lexmonitor is Pretty Cool

The crew over at law blog developer Lexblog have launched a new legal blog aggregator, Lexmonitor. It’s pretty cool! It’s also the type of tool that will help sell RSS technology within the legal industry.  

For the unsavvy RSS user, it looks like a regular website with a massive amount of industry-based content, a big newspaper. And for the RSS-power user, its a series of practice specific vertical feeds & practice management feed mixes that can help save time monitoring blog content. Some of this is already available with Justia’s blog search or in a more limited scope, Stem’s Florida Lawyers Blog Watch.

But Lexmonitor, in my opinion, is a step-up. It has a cleaner interface, better connections to blog authors, and the killer feature — threaded commentary of related blog posts! There’s also a bit of a human touch, as Rob La Gatta will be running an editorial ‘buzz’ blog along side the automated features.

I’m also happy to report Lexmonitor has solid Canadian content, as I worked with Lexblog’s Rob La Gatta to ensure all of our blogs on Lawblogs.ca were included. … A little benefit from having our northwest neighbours at lexblog so close. :)

Congrats to Kevin & his team. Good to get this finally launched, right guys? :)


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  2. Ashley said:

    Congrats to LexBlog on the LexMonitor! Fine work indeed.

    @ 9:48 am
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