JD Supra is Live Today!

Stem Legal is proud to congratulate client JD Supra on today’s launch of their new website & accompanying blog – JD Scoop! JD Supra is a new website dedicated helping lawyers & law firms share legal documents, forms, pleadings, judgements, research, and other professional support materials.

As I wrote a few months back, I think JD Supra is going to stand out because of the site’s approach – there’s a definite collection mandate for the content & a targeted community of contributors. As a foundation for any website, that’s a huge starting point.

I also love this site’s ability to link a lawyer’s marketing presence back to substantive work product. It just makes sense. Not only does it create an incentive for sharing work product and a useful tool to help others, but it represents a qualification tool to measure professional experience. Whether you’re looking to hire a lawyer, or a member of the media needing a quote in a niche subject area, finding a lawyer who can backup their claim of expertise is important. Don’t just tell me you’ve got 20 years experience, show me your track record!

JD Supra enables that. And that’s unique.

The other aspect I’m really proud of is how the community is rounding out. The fact that both big firms and solos are seeing the value to participating. On one side we have larger firms like Morrison Foerster, Mintz Levin, Lane Powell and my former Canadian law firm Clark Wilson. And on the other side, great contributions from solos like Lisa Solomon, Doug Cornelius, Amy Becerra, Mitchell Matorin and Stem client Florida criminal lawyer Ron Chapman. Add in academics like John Hagan, interest groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Cato Institute, and you can just imagine the content mix we’re heading for.

So I offer my congratulations to the entire JD Supra team… Adrian Lurssen, Eliot Gersten, Larry Bodine, Brittanie Williams, the group at POP Interactive, and especially JD Supra’s founder Aviva Cuyler. I know everyone will continue to work hard on improving this website, especially in the coming days, but launch day is always a milestone. A time to celebrate… This site has a huge future ahead!

JD Supra - Legal Forms, Documents, & Research by the Legal Community!


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