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What if you took all of the lawyer blogs within a given region, say Florida, and mixed them into a single location online? Well, ta-da! :) Let me introduce you to my latest RSS feed mixing effort – the Florida Lawyers Blog Watch.

I’ve wanted to create a website like this for a while. Something that tracks the latest lawyer blog commentary, but on a regional basis. Want to know what’s on the minds of Florida lawyers? This site will show you about three days worth of current topics, and more importantly, offers a quick 2-minute scan of the day’s headlines.

For me, publishing & mixing are the untold value of RSS. As I mentioned in a recent post, RSS needs to expand its boundries from the personal feed reader and create new context by placing sources together. I’m also a big believer in Author credit, so you’ll notice the blogroll on the right side of the website offers direct links to each of the Florida lawyer blogs the site tracks.

I want to thank Stem client and Florida lawyer Ron Chapman. Ron will serve as my regional lookout for any new lawyer blogs coming online, and also as a co-contact point for those wanting to be added to the site.

And finally, I’d like to point out that the full-text RSS feed for those blogs combined is available here. If you need to listen to what’s happening in Florida law and have an RSS reader, it’s an easy subscription choice. If you really wanted to get fancy, try monitoring specific topics or keywords by filtering the feed with a product like Feedrinse. Wonderful tool, IMO.

Hope everyone enjoys this website. A mobile version is in the works!

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