DUI Lawyer Blog Watch Launched!

I’m pleased to announce a new website for Stem, the DUI Lawyer Blog Watch!

Located at duiblogwatch.com, this site offers a one-page aggregation of the 50 most recent postings by attorneys blogging on the subject of DUI law. As of launch today, the number of blogs included was 54.

With some similarity to the Florida Lawyers Blog Watch site we launched in January, I would like to highlight how this site’s approach is slightly different, and perhaps improved. Rather than focusing on a particular region, the goal this time was to focus on an area of practice, that of DUI Law. In addition to including those blogs exclusively focused on DUI law, we’ve also included lawyers blogging on the broader subject of Criminal Law. These Criminal Law posts are then filtered to include only those posts that contain the terms ‘DUI’ or ‘DWI’, either in the subject or title of their post. … It’s an extra layer of filtering, but something we felt would keep the subject stream a bit more on topic.

Also once again, we’re sharing the spotlight with one of our clients. Stem client Lawrence Koplow, himself a Phoenix DUI lawyer who blogs at the Arizona DUI Defense Blog, will be helping me out as a co-contact point for the site. Very similar to the way West Palm Beach Lawyer Ron Chapman watches out for new Florida blogs to add, Lawrence will be doing the same for DUI bloggers.

Finally, the opportunity to be included in this website is once again free. Lawrence and I both welcome contact from those we might have missed in our original set of DUI blogs. All we need is the homepage of your blog, and the URL of your blog’s RSS feed!

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