Does Your Law Firm Face-block? Take this Survey!

Related to my last post, Legal web2.0 guru Doug Cornelius (he’ll hate that I’m calling him a guru) and I are conducting a survey for an upcoming LegalWeb2.0 column. We’re trying to gather some intelligence about the practice of blocking social media websites by law firms. That is, you try to visit the Facebook’s, LinkedIn’s and Twitter’s of the world, and you get a big old access denied message.

Now, there are plenty of reasons for and against this practice, and that’s what will be addressed in the upcoming article. But before we get that far, we want you to tell us (anonymously, using this survey) if your firm is blocking, which sites are being blocked, and if you are in favour or against the practice.

Any help in spreading the word would be greatly appreciated! Especially if you know someone, say at another firm, is being blocked. They might not ever know about this survey, unless a kind friend discreetly emailed them this link. Would they? :)

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