145 Lawyers and Legal Pros on Twitter

Yesterday morning, Adrian Lurssen (aka @jdtwitt), Communications Director at legal document sharing website JD Supra, blogged a list of 145 lawyers and legal professionals he’s following on Twitter, with the goal of encouraging a some legal community matchmaking.

Thanks to a short description he provides for almost every person on the list, I’m willing to bet the legal Twitter-sphere is a friendlier, better-connected place today! The proof? Within hours, the list had grown from 145 to 180, and will probably grow more.

If you’re still not getting this Twitter stuff, please check out my introductory post on the lawyer marketing value of twitter; and if you’re simply on the fence on whether to join? Preview some of the legal community’s exchanges over at Stem’s legalvoices.com – which has had a bit of a renaisance since Adrian’s list went live. And do remember that the twitter conversation is much more casual than the legal blogosphere…

So what are you waiting for? Drop by, find some folks to follow, and enjoy making new Twitter connections!

Thanks Adrian, for the LV mention and shout-out to @legalvoices too.  My inbox is also full now, and I spent a fair bit of time yesterday adding legal industry types to my @stevematthews account. It’s fantastic to see the legal Twitter community grow like this. This was a wonderful initiative!


  1. Anne Reed said:

    I couldn’t figure out why I was suddenly getting so many followers! And what a great list of new people to follow. Thanks for spreading it.

    @ 9:29 am
  2. […] web marketing consultant Steve Matthews, of Stem Legal, noted that there are a lot of lawyers on Twitter.  But the question remains: can those twittering lawyers turn 140-character tweets into cash?  […]

    @ 12:19 pm
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