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2008 CLawBies Are Ready

Posted by Steve Matthews on

The 2008 Canadian Law Blog Awards are now live on Congratulations to the winners, and even more so, to all those who were nominated. I have a roundup of all the nominations we found listed over at the Vancouver Law Librarian Blog, and would encourage everyone to surf those peer-to-peer recommendations. Similar to last year, we’ll give everyone… more »

The Problem with Twitter

Posted by Steve Matthews on

TechCrunch published an important post yesterday about the amount of time we invest in Twitter. Using Robert Scoble as an example, this post demonstrates a valuable lesson for everyone. There’s a risk involved when we disproportionately web-publish to another company’s service. The cost is that we increasingly ignore our personal web-publishing efforts. While this may seem strange coming from… more »

Does Your Law Firm Face-block? Take this Survey!

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Related to my last post, Legal web2.0 guru Doug Cornelius (he’ll hate that I’m calling him a guru) and I are conducting a survey for an upcoming LegalWeb2.0 column. We’re trying to gather some intelligence about the practice of blocking social media websites by law firms. That is, you try to visit the Facebook’s, LinkedIn’s and Twitter’s of the… more »

LegalWEB2.0 Coming to ABA’s Law Practice

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Soon to be unveiled in the upcoming issue of the ABA LPM’s Law Practice magazine will be LegalWEB2.0, a new column to be edited by yours truly.  I’ve included a small image capture below to pique your interest! If you care to squint, you can probably get a sneak peak at the into blurb from the first article, written by… more »

New Article in the Texas Bar Journal

Posted by Steve Matthews on

This month’s Texas Bar Journal inlcudes a republication of my article, It’s Not the Tool, It’s You! Many thanks to the TBJ’s technology editor, John Sirman, for picking it up from Slaw‘s RSS feed. It’s also worth noting from a web-marketing perspective. The next time someone says blogging & RSS aren’t valuable marketing tactics, consider routing them… more »

2008 CLawBies Nominations

Posted by Steve Matthews on

As noted on this afternoon, the 2008 Canadian Law Blog Awards will once again be announced on New Year’s Eve. This will be the third year of the awards, with this year’s edition adding a couple of new changes to the nomination process. First, we have opened up email nominations so bloggers, and friends of bloggers, can tell us… more »

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