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New Client Welcome: Hissey Kientz LLP

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Stem Legal is pleased to welcome another new client this morning, product injury firm Hissey Kientz LLP, who are based in Austin, Texas. The firm is led by Michael Hissey and Robert Kientz, both experienced medical mass tort practitioners, whose areas range from the recent Digitek Recall, to Asbestos exposure injury claims and mesothelioma law. In… more »

Quantifying a Lawyer Referral Network

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Erik Mazzone over at Law Practice Matters has an excellent post on developing & quantifying a lawyer’s referral network needs. The entire post is worth reading, but check out Erik’s rough methodology for calculating those needs: Here’s the math for Hypothetical Larry the Lawyer: 1) Larry’s average case (divorce lawyer) is worth $5,000. 2) Larry’s best referral source refers more »

Mighell & Kennedy: Book > Blog > Wiki

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Tom Mighell and Dennis Kennedy have launched a new companion blog and wiki to go with their book – The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools & Technologies. Both bloggers have been long time favourites of mine, and if they can rekindle some of the Between Lawyers magic with a collaboration tool slant, I’ll certainly be all ears on this… more »

Findlaw Selling PageRank

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Most in-house law firm Marketers were aware of the Findlaw PageRank sales scam long before it hit the blogosphere. Mostly because they were the target of a huge email blast from Findlaw a few weeks back. Which is how I found out about the offering, when clients then forwarded the program details to me for review. [If you’re looking for… more » Article on Legal SEO

Posted by Steve Matthews on has a new article up that addresses the business value of SEO for law firms; including some good tips on how to get an in-house program up and going. But what really caught my eye here, was the great personal story about Araceli Parra, a legal assistant about to lose her job who learns some SEO skills, and ends… more »

Avg Cost per ‘Lawyer’ Search in Google

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’ve been in the process of writing an article for Slaw that critiques the ROI of paid search advertising, and ended up conducting a bit of a research project. My task? I wanted to know exactly what the average cost-per-click was with Google’s Adwords for search phrases that contained the word ‘lawyer’. Using the Google keyword research tool, an… more »

Google Gives Comment Spam Zero Credit

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Kevin O’Keefe wrote an interesting post over the weekend about how some lawyers are using blog comments to market themselves. The problem with the post, and with Scott Greenfield’s original assessment, is that blog comments have absolutely nothing to do with Google rankings. Let me explain… Back at the beginning of 2005, Google introduced the ‘no-follow’ attribute… more »

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