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DUI Lawyer Blog Watch Launched!

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’m pleased to announce a new website for Stem, the DUI Lawyer Blog Watch! Located at, this site offers a one-page aggregation of the 50 most recent postings by attorneys blogging on the subject of DUI law. As of launch today, the number of blogs included was 54. With some similarity to the Florida Lawyers Blog Watch site… more »

Cuil Not Near a Google Killer

Posted by Steve Matthews on

In cased you missed it, the latest google killer arrived on the market in recent days, a site called Cuil. So does Google have much to worry about? You’ve probably guess the answer… no. The results from my own initial tests weren’t impressive, to say the least. A couple examples: First, a simple search for our Canadian Prime Minister… more »

Stem Client Roundup for July

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Lots going on at Stem these days, and we’re due for a client roundup. The list below has, and will, expand as more clients get their projects online. Koplow & Patane, P.L.L.C. managing partner Lawrence Koplow, a Phoenix DUI lawyer, has been busy writing some in-depth analysis on his Arizona DUI Blog. One post discusses the pitfalls… more »

Lawyer Blogs Drive Media Attention

Posted by Steve Matthews on

According to a new study by eMarketer, 57.7% of reporters use blogs to measure public sentiment; 38% of reporters use blogs to drive new story ideas; and 29.5% use blogs to find industry experts. (hat tip to Joshua Fruchter at eLawmarketing) Those are good numbers for blogging lawyers; and fit well with the frequent observation that bloggers have… more »

Lyall Knott Appointed Hon Captain of Canadian Navy

Posted by Steve Matthews on

A big congratulations to one of the senior Partners at my old law firm (and current Stem client); Lyall Knott Q.C. has been appointed honorary Captain of the Canadian Navy! From the story: In a special appointment ceremony July 1 in the captain’s cabin of HMCS Winnipeg, HCapt(N) Knott was bestowed the honorary captaincy of Canadian Fleet Pacific… more »

New Tool for In-house SEOs

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Many law firms don’t have someone in-house doing SEO, but for those that do, I have a new tool to pass along. A couple days ago, Google altered a very important feature in their public Keyword Research Tool. They began showing keyword search volumes! Which to some, might not sound all that impressive. But for those of us in… more »

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