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Why Hire Tom Goldstein?

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Question is, why wouldn’t you hire Tom Goldstein? … A solid use of video to sell one’s credentials. :) more »

Going to ABA LPM in Santa Fe?

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’m headed to Santa Fe this coming Wednesday for the ABA’s Law Practice Management section spring meeting. And I’m going to ‘fess up here… not only this will be my first ABA event as part of the editorial board of Law Practice Magazine, but it will also be my first ABA event period. Being a Canadian &… more »

Legal Industry Twitter Tracker

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I had to let this one out on Twitter this morning, so I might as well blog about it. Most of my day yesterday was spent crafting a new website – – with the concept of creating a public view of those in the legal industry posting to twitter. I’ve been sitting on the domain for… more »

Lawyer Marketing with Twitter

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Have you heard of Twitter yet? Perhaps not. And hopefully not, as this post is intended to explain one of the latest web-tools on our collective horizon. What you should know is this: Politicians in the current US election are levering it, news outlets like CNN & Canada’s CBC are offering headlines that can be mixed into your reading stream,… more »

Do Lawyers Watch TV?

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Where do I find the time? A common question for many lawyers… for just about ever subject, actually. Not billable? Sorry, no time. Keeping perspective on personal productivity is an important issue. True, but what about down time? While the typical lawyer has less ‘social surplus’ (see video below) than the average person out there, most still have *some* time… more »

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