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Florida Lawyers Blog Watch

Posted by Steve Matthews on

What if you took all of the lawyer blogs within a given region, say Florida, and mixed them into a single location online? Well, ta-da! :) Let me introduce you to my latest RSS feed mixing effort – the Florida Lawyers Blog Watch. I’ve wanted to create a website like this for a while. Something that tracks the… more »

Law Firm Guerrilla Marketing

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I love guerrilla marketing like Larry Bodine love’s guerrilla marketing. Time permitting, drop by Larry’s blog and check out some of the examples he’s just posted. Larry’s also posted a podcast (mp3) recently that gives a great overview of why lawyers should invest their time marketing. Now I’m sure Larry would admit there’s nothing earth shattering about… more »

StemNet Will Promote Clients

Posted by Steve Matthews on

You may have noticed all the new websites recently –,, the Clawbies. While mostly associated with the Canadian legal market, there’s also larger long-term goal in play here: to develop quality legal web content. This network will not remain entirely Canadian, and the number of websites will not stop at five. My goal for… more »

Yahoo Pipes & RSS Feed Mixing

Posted by Steve Matthews on

One of the biggest areas of unexplored territory in legal web marketing these days is the power of RSS, or real simple syndication. I’ve written in the past on the use of RSS in law firms (see here and here), and how those in the legal industry can be better consumers of information using this technology. However, for… more »

Blogs, Websites & Ron Chapman

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Following up on a Stem news item I just posted, I’d like to offer a blogging welcome to Florida criminal lawyer Ron Chapman. Ron became a Stem client just after Christmas, and we’ve been slowly retooling some of the aspects of his blog & website. Here’s a short snippet about Ron’s practice: About Ronald Chapman, P.A.: Since 1990, Mr. Chapmanā€™s… more »

2007 Clawbies: The Acceptance Speeches

Posted by Steve Matthews on

I’ve been having a lot of fun watching the comments & blog responses from the Clawbies. Check out some of the responses: Michael Geist Rob Hyndman Connie Crosby Slaw Law is Cool Garry Wise Library Boy Doug Cornelius Jason Eiseman Lo-Fi Librarian Moin Yahya David Fraser Dennis Kennedy Dan Michaluk Kevin O’Keefe’s quicklinks – which he picked up minutes… more »

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