New Legal Web Demographics – Largest Law Firm Websites List

I am pleased to announce the first of what I hope to be many demographic lists for the legal web: a re-ranked list of the 2006 Global 100 Law Firms (originally published by The Lawyer) by the number of web pages indexed within the search engines.

The list was developed using Yahoo’s Site Explorer, and offers a rough count of web pages published on the principal website of each of the Global 100 law firms. It was developed as a rough comparison tool for large law firm websites, but please keep in mind the following caveats:

  • The list only includes the principal website, and does not include content published on alternate domains or other content-based websites such as blogs. Firms who spread out their content offering similar to my hub-n-wheel approach will not be accurately counted.
  • It does include some websites, typically those under 300 pages, whose content may be partially hidden or blocked from search engine indexing because of flash based design.
  • There are only 99 firms represented because DLA Piper is included for both North American and European operations in The Lawyer’s original list. This list does not differentiate, and includes DLA Piper as a single entry.

Your comments and questions are welcome. And I reserve the right to correct or modify the list for issues of accuracy.

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