Lexblog’s Count of AmLaw 200 Blogs

More great legal web demographics! This time, Kevin O’Keefe and Lexblog have produced a detailed list of which Amlaw 200 law firms have started law blogs, and which providers they’re engaging. From the announcement:

  • Of the firms on the 2006 AMLaw list (the number was a few below 200, as mergers have consolidated firms since the list first published), 38 firms were blogging;
  • From those 38 firms, we found a total of 73 blogs;
  • 55 of these blogs were firm branded (meaning they had the firm’s logo prominently displayed on the page). 18 were not branded, indicating that the lawyer was operating their blog independently of or at a distance from their firm;
  • Of the 73 blogs, 32 belonged to LexBlog clients. The other 41 belonged to firms or attorneys that were not LexBlog clients, using either free blogging services or personal/firm domains;
    • 12 law firms were LexBlog clients using LexBlog’s platform and accompanying turnkey solution
    • Of the non-LexBlog client blogging firms, there were a range of other platforms used: 8 were using Blogger; 3 were using Typepad; 1 was using Justia; 1 was using WordPress; and 13 had their blogs published and hosted through other services or personal domains.

I guess congratulations to Kevin are in order!  Wow…

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