Let me start by saying thank-you…

Stem has been a dream of mine for a long time, but I must confess, getting beyond the business plan was no easy task. It took a lot of people’s advice to go from idea to execution – my wife, colleagues, friends, mentors – each have provided critical support along the way. Some of whom, I’d like to start this blog by thanking publicly.

First my wife Leah. Four year’s ago she decided to take a break from playing tax lawyer to be a full time mom. We uprooted our lives, moved and started living on a fraction of our combined salaries. It was tough, but we worked it out.  Life has been back in balance for a few years now, but with Stem getting ready for start-up mode, she recently made the decision to return to practice a couple days a week. You never have to guess who has my back.

Professionally, I have had a few gestures of outstanding support, including Gerry Riskin at Edge International and Kevin O’Keefe at lexblog. Each gave me hours of their precious time to talk through various issues surrounding approach and strategy.  I’d also like to single out Jordan Furlong at the CBA National and Michelle Golden at Golden Marketing for their encouragement and a laundry list of advice to help clarify my vision and early direction.

I was also thankful to receive support from many friends around the blawgosphere, including: Dominic Jaar, Dennis Kennedy, David Fraser, Rob Hyndman, Bruce MacEwen and David Canton. Plus fellow law librarian friends Scott Vine, Lo-Fi, Nick Holmes, Cindy Chick, Jim Milles, Bonnie ShuchaSteven Cohen, David Rothman and Jason Eisman.  If I’ve missed anyone, give me a heads up, you’re due!

Around the Vancouver legal community, I’ll start with everyone at Clark Wilson LLP (including those online: Neil Larry & Karen, Darren and Rob), and then add in: Johanne Blenkin at the BCCLS, Allison Wolf, Doug Jasinski and Emma Wood.

And this list isn’t even close to complete without my friends at Slaw, especially Simon Fodden and Connie Crosby who were both important early confidents.

Ok, I’ve rambled a touch, and do promise this blog will address the web as a legal business development tool. If you’re looking for more substance, be sure to check out the About this blog page – where I set out the discussion topics and some of my background.

3-2-1- Blast-off! :-)


  1. Jon Hoel said:

    Hi Steve,

    Congratulations on the startup – it sounds exciting. I found your site while doing a web search, so you have obviously got the SEO right.

    Are you planning to offer social media tools to your clients? I know Canadian marketing and PR professionals are doing great things with podcasting, for example.

    Jon Hoel
    Melbourne, Australia

    @ 3:52 am
  2. Steve:

    Congratulations on the new venture. I will be watching keenly what you do–I’m sure it will be great!


    @ 9:57 pm
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