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I was very lucky to be introduced to the Internet in 1993 and attend grad school in 1994. It was during that early part of ’94 that a rare few of us got to experience the launch of Mosaic and the beginning of the world wide web. A year later in ’95 I started my first job in a law firm.

I often describe my law firm experience as having three streams. First, I am a jack of all trades web developer. You name it, and I’ve probably built it: intranets, portals, blogs, e-commerce apps, Metrics capture, RSS feeds, and of course, law firm websites. Second, I am a Knowledge Management (KM) practitioner. As a Law Librarian I’m facinated by KM and the hundreds of ways Lawyers are able to codify, capture and track their expertise. And last but not least, I am an experienced and enthusiastic web marketer.

From 1996 until present, I have been an in-house SEO. This fact may surprise some colleagues familiar with my previous blogging efforts at the VLLB and Slaw. As a conscientious employee, this was a topic I tried to keep ‘off limits’ — a strategic advantage I felt should be preserved. That changes now of course, and SEO will definitely be one of the building blocks of this blog. If I was David Maister, I might describe it as a hygene factor, a must be done.

My wider vision for this blog will be to connect the dots between law firm business interests and web innovation. Many law firms are currently facing, or will face, the challenge to weave their brands (firm, practice, and individual lawyer) into the social fabric of the web. I don’t believe any firm should do that in a haphazard way.

I’ll obviously be commenting on developments here at Stem, and hope to explore the issues I think firms should be addressing, including:

  • law firm seo,
  • strategic brand building,
  • qualified lead generation,
  • business development,
  • generating media interest,
  • and making the web fit into a firm’s business objectives.

New web trends, technology, and creating value through web publishing will also be fair game.

I hope readers will come here to stay ahead of the legal-web curve. And I hope that writing this blog will motivate me to always consider what’s coming next.

– Steve Matthews

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