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Law Blog Sponsorships? Clifford Chance’s Move Could be a Trend

Posted by Steve Matthews on

An interesting development out of the UK. Clifford Chance has made a very targeted move in sponsoring Conflict of More on the sponsorship here, and here. Blog sponsorships are nothing new to the online tech community. For examples, we can look to GigaOM or Techcrunch. But in other blogging communities, including law, the idea of… more »

Inter Alia Blawg of the Day

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Many thanks to Tom Mighell at Inter Alia for making Law Firm Web Strategy his blog of the day.  For those who may not know, Inter Alia is one of the oldest law blogs out there, and the blogs covered in Tom’s BOTD feature reads like a who’s who of the legal blogosphere. Tom once told me that he… more »

Keeping Expertise in the Mix

Posted by Steve Matthews on

Does the top-down expertise model still fit with our current fixation on the social web? That’s not an exact paraphrase, but an interesting tangent I’ve taken from Rex Hammock’s post today on the NPR’s music site. Rex says: “…what I like about the new NPR service (and how it “compliments” those other services) is that it pulls together the “wisdom… more »

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