Stem Client Roundup for February 2017

While February is only a couple days shorter than most months, that missing handful of days is acutely felt right around now! Nevertheless, our clients managed to fit in lots of blogging, speaking, sponsoring and teaching this month. Here’s a look at what they’ve been up to:

We’ll be back in another few weeks with more news to share.

New Blogs and Podcasts at

Time again to showcase some of the newest additions to, Stem’s directory of Canadian legal blogs and podcasts. Here’s a look at some of the publications that have been added since our last update:

As always, we count on your help to keep expanding the directory – if you know of a blog that meets our submission guidelines, please let us know about it!



Stem Client Roundup for January 2017

Well, it’s a new year. Though the first month of 2017 has not held much of the positive change that so many of us were wishing for, time rolls on and we all try to effect change in our own small ways, whether that’s doing our best at work, being involved in our communities, or pushing back against the status quo. Here’s a look at what our clients have been up to in January:

That’s it for this month; we’ll be back again in a few weeks with more news to share.

Stem Client Roundup for December 2016

Here we are, the very last day of 2016. It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it! The winners of the 2016 Clawbies were announced bright and early this morning, so you know what we’ve been up to this past month—read on to see what what our clients have been busy with.

From all of us at Stem, a happy, healthy and successful 2017 to all!

Stem Client Roundup for November 2016

Speaking, teaching, leading, giving… this month’s roundup really showcases how involved our clients are in their professional and broader communities—it’s an inspiration!

That’s it for this month – check back at the end of December for more new & notables.

Stem Client Roundup for October 2016

Happy Halloween! Fall is now is full swing, and in this month’s roundup you’ll see that our clients have been busy with speaking engagements, fundraising, blogging and growing new practice areas. Read on for all the details…

Check back next month, when we’ll share another installment of client new and notables.

What’s new at

New Year’s Eve seems a long ways away, but the truth is that over here at Stem, we’ve already started paying closer attention to the Canadian legal blogosphere, in anticipation of the 2016 Clawbies. The Clawbies—or Canadian Law Blog Awards—kick off in early December, and winners are announced on the last day of the year.

Will any of these recent additions to—our directory of Canadian law blogs and podcasts—be among this year’s winners?  Only time will tell!

As always, if you know of a blog that meets our submission criteria, please let us know about it!

Stem Client Roundup for September 2016

With September at an end, it is officially fall now: a time for sticking to routines and being a little more disciplined. We hope the transition from laid-back summer to buckle-down fall hasn’t been too painful! Here’s a look at what our clients have been up to over the past few weeks:

See you next month with more new & notables.



Stem Client Roundup for August 2016

It’s official: only 21 days of summer left. As I pondered that great mystery (how is it that summer goes by so much more quickly than the other seasons?), I compiled this month’s client roundup. As always, it’s neat to see what sorts of community events our clients are involved with, and what topics they’re writing on. Here’s a look at what I found.

See you next month!

Stem Client Roundup for July 2016

We interrupt the lazy, hazy days of summer to bring you the July 2016 edition of Stem Client Roundup, our monthly compilation of notable client activities and achievements:

We’ll be back next month!

Looking for Canadian law podcasts? Here are 10 of the best.

Whether Serial was your introduction to the wonderful world of podcasts, or you’ve been listening to them for years, podcasts have officially gone mainstream — some are even calling 2016 “the year of the podcast”. Amidst the hundreds and thousands of podcasts out there on iTunes and otherwise, it can be hard to find the good stuff (the fact that even an amateur can make one: boon and bane).

So here are 10 of the best Canadian law-related podcasts for your listening pleasure. Let me know your favourites in the comments!

Hull & Hull LLP’s Hull on Estates podcast
Easily Canada’s longest running legal podcast, Hull on Estates kicked off in 2006 and now has almost 500 episodes in its archives. Fodder for the podcast includes recent cases, news stories and journal articles, and of course, estate law concepts and tips.

IdeaBlawg’s Podcast of the Canadian Criminal Code
Lisa Silver covers one section of the Criminal Code of Canada per podcast, and she’ll soon hit the 50 episode mark. Each edition generally includes a overview of section’s history, major cases that consider it,  and a general discussion of its significance. Transcriptions available for each episode as well.

The Docket
Michael Spratt and Emilie Taman got a big boost from their insightful episode-by-episode analysis of Making a Murderer, but they were around before MaM dominated water cooler chat, and they’ve since continued to produce an informative, opinionated, and timely podcast about the legal issues that make headlines in Canada, often with a special focus on the Canadian criminal justice system.

McGill Law Journal podcasts 
A few issues back, McGill Law Journal became “the first Canadian legal journal to launch a significant podcast series”. 50 episodes in, the podcast (which includes occasional episodes in French) covers issues related to the legal profession, legal education, landmark cases, and the legal aspects of current Canadian issues such as refugee rights, Aboriginal title, and senate reform.

Blaney McMurtry podcasts
Blaneys lawyers talk about a variety of legal topics, often using news stories and recent cases as their jumping off point. Recent episodes cover defamation, insurance, succession planning, and family law disputes – the podcast will be of interest to individuals and business listeners alike.

Mark Holthe’s Canadian Immigration Podcast
Holthe and his guests “offer practical advice on the latest changes to Canadian law, policy and practice” in a friendly and conversational style. As a bonus, the podcast’s website has extensive show notes that give a thorough overview of what’s discussed in each episode.

CounterTax’s Building NewLaw Podcast
Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold are self-described “late-late-night law firm architects” whose podcast is all about rethinking legal services and taking action to implement change. Recent episodes discuss freelance lawyering, workflows in law, and AI/legal analytics, and the podcast aims to “connect the NewLaw community, speed the evolution of legal services, and break the internet like Kim K.”

Investor Lawyer Podcast
Real estate lawyer Barry McGuire shares tips and knowledge about the ins and outs of real estate investment. For more than 80 episodes, McGuire achieves an approach that is casual and accessible yet informative and nuanced, covering topics like rent-to-own, shadow flipping, timeshares, and tenant troubles.

Sui Generis: A Small Radio Show About the Law
Kyle Ereaux hosts this fascinating and eclectic podcast “about the quirky aspects of Canadian law and the ways in which it shapes daily life”. Recent episodes discuss the law behind secret recipes, the difference between a province and a territory, and why 100 dimes don’t equal a 10-dollar note. (Bonus points for great music, too.)

Welcome to the Food Court
Food lawyer Glenford Jameson is a thoughtful and engaging interviewer, and in this podcast, he and his guests deep-dive into the intersections of law and restaurants, food production and policy, agriculture, and beyond. Recent topics include seed security, tipping, and the fundamental act of gardening.

Stem Client Roundup for June 2016

Here we are: at the midpoint of the year, and about to kick off one of our short and sweet Canadian summers. Here at Stem, we hope all our clients and readers make time to slow down, enjoy the fleeting pleasures of summer, and recharge for the inevitably busy fall ahead. An early Happy Canada Day and 4th of July!

We’ll be back again next month!

Stem Client Roundup for May 2016

Can you believe that 2016 is almost half over? The weather is warming up (or sweltering hot already, depending on where you live!) and summer is at last in sight. Here’s what our clients were up this past month:

That’s it for May; we’ll back in a few weeks with our next installment.

New Blogs & Podcasts at

It’s been a while since our last update listing the newest blogs added to, and there are quite a few of them to share!

We’ve also added a couple new entries to our slowly-but-surely growing list of Canadian legal podcasts:

Know of another great blog that’s not yet on Let us know!


Stem Client Roundup for April 2016

Another month has flown by, and as usual our clients have busy with conferences, blogging, training and more. Here’s a look at what they were up to in April:

That’s it for this month; we’ll be back at the end of May with more new & notables.


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