Building web profile for the legal industry.

Law Firm Profile Benchmarks

Can you really measure a law firm’s online profile?

At Stem, we believe you can. We score and analyze 16 different factors to measure a firm’s web presence, and our list of tools is constantly growing.  Some of these factors include:

  • The network of links behind your firm’s website;
  • Online media coverage;
  • Blog and social media references;
  • Online bookmarks to your firm content;
  • Search rankings for key lawyers and practice areas;
  • Group Associations that reflect your firm’s expertise; 
  • Online participation by Lawyers and Employees.  

The Benchmark report is divided into two parts. Part One will describe and detail each of the metrics on our list and try to quantify the reach of your firm’s web profile. 

The second part of our report will address web strategy. It will discuss your firm’s online strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. We’ll also disect some of your competition’s websites, tell you what makes them tick, and how you can counter.

The benchmark report is our intitial assessment tool and is included as part of our monthly retainer service.  If you’re looking for an opportunity try out Stem, this is a great starting point.

If your firm’s ready, please contact us.

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