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Steve Matthews on Building a Law Firm Publishing Culture

Stem president and founder Steve Matthews will be presenting a free webinar through Lunch Hour Legal Marketing on Thursday, April 18th 2013. Steve’s talk is on Creating (and Managing) a Law Firm Publishing Culture.

Lawyer publishing has long been a staple of law firm marketing, turning lawyers who “wrote the book” on their area of practice into widely recognized authorities who showcased their professional credibility to the market. What has changed, thanks to the Internet, is the volume!  Most firms have significantly more authors, publishing vehicles, and content distribution options than ever before, especially digitally. But what if your firm isn’t moving in this direction? Or, almost worse, what if it is moving, but so quickly that there is no formalized strategy behind your firm’s publishing?

Steve will discuss:

  • How (and where) to inspire new authorship within your firm;
  • Finding the right “fit” between different authors and publishing vehicles (or, why everyone is not necessarily a blogger!);
  • Building better routines — monitoring and brainstorming new topics, editorial calendars, scheduling;
  • The role of practice group publishing in midsize and larger firms;
  • Creating measurable objectives that support your firm’s business goals;
  • The role of search engine traffic in creating continued exposure for your firm’s body of work;
  • Identifying publishing targets, audience demographics, and measuring exposure; and
  • Time management — tips for making the demands of writing and publishing easier.

To register for this free webinar, visit  Lunch Hour Legal Marketing is a joint effort from the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, the North Carolina Bar Association’s Center for Practice Management, and the Chicago Bar Association’s Law Practice Management & Technology.

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