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Stem Legal’s First Book Now Available! “Content Marketing And Publishing Strategies For Law Firms” On Sale Now

BookCover - Content MarketingSteve Matthews and Jordan Furlong are proud to announce the publication of the very first book from Stem Legal Web Enterprises.

Content Marketing And Publishing Strategies For Law Firms has just been published by The Ark Group, one of the legal industry’s most respected publishers of high-quality books about the business of law. Based on their combined 35 years in the legal marketplace, Content Marketing And Publishing Strategies For Law Firms represents the complete collection of Steve’s and Jordan’s knowledge, insights and advice for law firms concerning why and how to publish content for marketing purposes.

The book, applicable for firms ranging from small regional entities to national or global giants, provides law firms with the following valuable knowledge:

  • Why law firms need strategies to guide their content publishing efforts
  • How to create a law firm publishing strategy, and what it should contain
  • Why firms must integrate their publishing, business development and branding strategies
  • How to choose the best platforms and publications to host law firm content
  • How to distribute a firm’s content through the most effective channels
  • How to create, maintain and enforce a culture of publishing in a law firm
  • Why and how to measure the results of a law firm’s publishing efforts

From newsletters to blogs to microsites, from Twitter to LinkedIn to Google Plus, Content Marketing And Publishing Strategies For Law Firms delivers market-leading insights to law firms that want to maximize the value of their publishing efforts. Bonus Feature: four real-life case studies from the United States and Canada that show how law firms are already succeeding through strategic approaches to content marketing.

To order your firm’s copy of Content Marketing And Publishing Strategies For Law Firms today, visit the book’s information page at The Ark Group’s website. If you want to get a preview of what the book offers, read the executive summary (PDF), or even better, download a free sample chapter (PDF).

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