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Jonathan Rosenfeld Launches Cerebral Palsy Lawyers FAQ

Stem Legal congratulates our client, Jonathan Rosenfeld, on the launch of his newest website, Cerebral Palsy Lawyers FAQ.


Inspired by his experiences in helping clients with cerebral palsy (CP) and other birth injury cases, Jonathan set out to create a comprehensive, dynamic website that would not only answer frequently asked questions about CP, but also provide families with resources to access information about their child’s unique situation.

As the site’s name indicates, the Cerebral Palsy Lawyers FAQ includes a substantial collection of answers to common questions about CP, including:

  • types of birth injuries;
  • facts, types, and causes of cerebral palsy;
  • lifetime financial benefits; and,
  • medical malpractice lawsuits.

The Stories of Hope category on the website is also inspiring, as it describes the amazing accomplishments of people affected by cerebral palsy.

Jonathan has assembled an outstanding collection of resources as well. The site features sections on CP research, treatment, studies, news and legal developments. There is also an extensive book list, and growing directory of online and in-person support groups.

The approach that Jonathan takes with websites like this is truly commendable. Almost a year in the making, from hiring a research and writing team last summer, to the design, development and marketing elements added here at Stem, this site truly is a resource for families.

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