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Gowlings Releases New Edition of “Doing Business in Canada”

Stem client Gowlings has just published a new edition of their comprehensive business guide, Doing Business in Canada.

Doing Business in Canada was developed to give business executives, foreign counsel and investors an overview of the legal aspects of Canadian business operations. As one of Canada’s leading business law and intellectual property firms, Gowlings understands the challenges of establishing and conducting business in Canada, and provides clients with insightful business solutions to help them reach the full potential of the Canadian marketplace.

Each section of Doing Business in Canada focuses on a critical aspect of Canadian business law, starting with an introduction to the legal structure of Canada, which explains federal and provincial jurisdictions, branches of government, and common/civil law. 16 other essential areas of Canadian business are covered in depth:

The guide is available in its entirety in PDF, or may be downloaded in sections at the Doing Business in Canada page of the Gowlings website.

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