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Rosenfeld Bed Sore and Nursing Home Law Websites Expand Again!

Stem Legal client Jonathan Rosenfeld of Strellis & Field continues to make improvements to his content network.  Available this morning, his two newest collections include a pathfinder to Bed Sore Research Studies, and a topical list of books and journal articles related to nursing home injuries.

First launched in May, 2009, Mr. Rosenfeld’s Bed Sore FAQs website offers a dynamic collection of frequently-asked questions and answers on topics related to bed sore injuries, also known as pressure sores, pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers.  The Bed Sore FAQ has continued to grow in 2010 with the introduction of the Bed Sore Resource Center, and is now expanding again with a new section on Bed Sore Research Studies.  The new section is accessible both as a link on the main Resource Center or from the Resource Center sidebar which is embedded throughout the website.  The Bed Sore Research Studies section contains information about and links to recent studies and clinical trials on bed sore prevention and treatment, including studies currently recruiting participants.

Nursing Home Injury Laws

Mr. Rosenfeld’s Nursing Home Injury Laws website is also expanding its topical coverage.  In addition to providing the collected laws, State-by-State, relating to injuries arising in nursing homes, the site now includes a new Books and Journals section.  This section contains a strong list of reference books and journal articles related to nursing home injuries, along with links to further information on each item.

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