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Koplow Law Firm Launches Arizona Sex Crimes FAQ

Stem Legal client Koplow Law Firm has launched the Arizona Sex Crimes FAQ, a new resource targeted at those falsely accused of sexual offenses in the State of Arizona.

The new site contains answers to common questions about Arizona law, standards of proof, and defines related terminology.  The initial set of categories for this FAQ are:

In addition to category browsing, the homepage includes a “featured question”, along with the latest Q&A additions to the website. The full text of all the FAQ entries are searchable from the search box located on the left column on each page.

About Koplow Law Firm: The Koplow Law Firm exclusively practices criminal defense, and is led by Lawrence Koplow, a former prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and a seasoned trial attorney.  In addition to sex crime defense, Koplow law firm is known for its work as DUI attorneys.   Mr. Koplow maintains two blogs related to the firm’s practice:  one on DUI law and another on Arizona criminal law. The firm’s offices are located in Scottsdale, AZ, and may be contacted at 602.494.3444.

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