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Jonathan Rosenfeld Launches Nursing Home Laws Portal

Congratulations to Stem client Jonathan Rosenfeld on the recently launched, a collection of state-by-state information on nursing home injury laws.

Nursing Home Injury LawsFor each state, the collection identifies the applicable and relevant laws for actions related to nursing home injuries, including limitation and notice periods, and damage caps for both negligence and wrongful death suits. Links to state law specifically regarding nursing home patients and vulnerable persons are also provided.

In addition to setting out statutory provisions, each state’s profile features a list of governmental resources, which include ombudsmen, departments of health, adult protective services, and other agencies that serve elderly and vulnerable adults.  Where applicable, related posts from Mr. Rosenfeld’s Nursing Homes Abuse Blog are linked to.

Nursing Home Injury Laws provides an extensive glossary of terms related to tort, administrative and health care law, as well as explanations of common nursing home injuries.

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