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The Meadows Launches Addiction and Family FAQ

Stem Legal is pleased to announce that our client, The Meadows Addiction Treatment Center, has launched a new FAQ website at

Addiction and Family FAQ explores the impact that addiction can have on family relationships and dynamics. The site addresses how children and families are affected by addiction, how to cope and recover, and where to find further help. Visitors may also browse the site’s categories, which include communication, intervention, family therapy, relapse, and others.

Some questions the site answers include:

Visit for the answers to these and other FAQs.

This is The Meadows’ second FAQ collection, following the Drug Rehab FAQ launched in March of 2009.

About The Meadows Addiction Treatment Center: The Meadows is a multidisorder inpatient facility offering treatment of a broad range of addictions. The facility’s intensive treatment focuses on drug and alcohol addiction, compulsive behaviors, anxiety disorders and mood disorders. The professional staff at the Meadows also maintain the Addiction Recovery Reality blog, where they post upcoming events, book excerpts, and articles on developments in the field of addictions treatment and recovery.

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