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Stem Welcomes Nirenstein Garnice Soderquist PLC

Stem Legal is pleased to announce our newest client, Arizona divorce and family law firm Nirenstein Garnice Sodesquist PLC.

With offices in Scottsdale and Tempe/Chandler, Nirenstein Garnice Soderquist offer legal services in all facets of divorce and family law, including litigation, mediation, and appellate practice.

The firm advises on matters such as prenuptial agreements, child custody & support, grandparent rights, paternity casesadoption, and orders of protection. In addition, firm divorce lawyers often handle engagements related to spousal support, foreclosure and real estate equity issues, and military divorces.

Using a team approach, the firm subscribes to a philosophy of collaboration, not only with each other, but with other professionals, including family therapists, counsellors, corporate and financial advisers, and clergy.

Similar to other Stem clients, Nirenstein Garnice Soderquist attorneys share their experience and knowledge via the Arizona Divorce & Family Law Blog, where they write about legal developments, answer common questions, and provide information on Arizona family and divorce law topics.

About Nirenstein Garnice Soderquist PLC: Founded in 2003, Nirenstein Garnice Soderquist is Arizona’s first boutique family law firm and one of Arizona’s most well-known and respected family law firms. Nirenstein Garnice Soderquist seeks positive outcomes for all clients through compassionate, empathetic, and respectful negotiation. Although the firm strives to resolve matters outside the courtroom, its attorneys are skilled litigators who bring matters to the bench with confidence and determination.

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For more information, please contact Steve Matthews at 604.826.8072, or by email at

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