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Stem Legal Welcomes ‘The Meadows’

Stem Legal is pleased to announce our newest client, The Meadows Addiction Treatment Center based in  Wickenburg, AZ.  The Meadows is a multidisorder inpatient facility offering treatment of a broad range of addictions.

The Meadows have retained Stem to help increase awareness for their addiction treatment services to members of the legal profession.

According to the American Bar Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs, the rate of addiction amongst lawyers is estimated to be 50% higher than the general population. To that end, The Meadows has agreed to work with Stem toward a set of common goals:

  • to increase general awareness of Lawyer addiction problems;
  • to raise the profile of related web content sources, including the growing network of Lawyer Assistance Programs based in North America and around the world;
  • to help align The Meadows brand and professional staff with the modern web publishing and the flow of information to the legal profession.

Supporting this new relationship, Stem Legal is also pleased to announce a new company website. Launched this morning, The Lawyer Addiction Blog will be by sponsored The Meadows and is intended to highlight the work of lawyer assistance programs (LAPs) from Canada, the US, and internationally.

This new blog will be content oriented and referential in nature, and should help fill what has previously been an empty space in legal blogging.  It is also a project where Stem will invest over and above the client’s budget in an effort to support the industry in which it operates.

Stem Founder Steve Matthews comments,

“We are very excited about working with The Meadows and how this relationship gives us an opportunity to give back to the legal community.  We often try to match Stem’s web publishing with client interests, but this situation is different. The projects we have targeted are very altruistic in nature, and at the same time, connect with the client’s business goals – which is how web publishing should work.”

About The Meadows: The Meadows is a multidisorder inpatient facility offering treatment of a broad range of addictions. The facility’s intensive treatment focuses on drug and alcohol addiction, compulsive behaviors, anxiety disorders and mood disorders. The professional staff at the Meadows also maintain the Addiction Recovery Reality blog, where they post upcoming events, book excerpts, and articles on developments in the field of addictions treatment and recovery.

About Stem Legal Web Enterprises: Stem Legal helps law firms build online profile and increase web-driven business. Tactics range from law firm SEO and link building campaigns, to audience profiling and content development strategies. Stem also helps firms leverage the social web by using law blogs and social networking, developing content syndication strategies, and participating in business market conversations.

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