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Ron Chapman Launches Florida Criminal Records FAQ Site

Stem Legal is pleased to announce that our client, West Palm Beach attorney Ron Chapman, has launched a new website, FloridaCriminalRecordsFAQ.

Addressing common concerns about criminal records, the site uses a question and answer format to provide practical, useful information. Questions relate to sealing, expungement, eligibility, juvenile records, dropped charges, and many other aspects of criminal records.

Visitors can search the collection using keywords or browse through different question categories. An RSS feed for new FAQ content is also available.

About Ronald Chapman, P.A.: Since 1990, Ronald Chapmanā€™s law firm has represented those who have been accused of committing crimes in both State and Federal Courts within the State of Florida. Mr. Chapman is a sole practitioner whose service areas include violent crimes, DUI offenses, drug offenses, domestic violence, sentencing & appeals and criminal records services.

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