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New Additions to the DUI Lawyer Blog Watch

Stem Legal is pleased to announce that a significant number of new DUI/DWI blogs have been added to the DUI Lawyer Blog Watch. now monitors 79 of the latest posts from attorneys blogging on DUI law. Listed below are the 33 new additions including DUI-focused blogs as well as general criminal law blogs filtered to only include DUI-related posts.

  • California Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog
  • Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog
  • Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Blog
  • Underdog
  • Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Blog
  • Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney Blog
  • San Diego Criminal Lawyer Blog
  • Georgia Criminal Defense Blog
  • South Florida Criminal Attorney Blog
  • New Jersey Criminal Defense Blog
  • California Criminal Lawyer Blog
  • South Carolina Criminal Defense Blog
  • Jacksonville Criminal Attorney Blog
  • New York Criminal Lawyer Blog
  • Florida Criminal Attorney Blog
  • Mississippi Criminal Defense Law Blog
  • San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog
  • South Carolina Criminal Lawyer Blog
  • Colorado Springs Criminal Law Blog
  • Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog
  • Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog
  • New York Criminal Defense Attorney Blog
  • San Diego DUI Lawyer Blog
  • Tennessee Criminal Lawyer Blog
  • Virginia Criminal and Traffic Law
  • Alabama DUI & Criminal Defense Law Blog
  • DUIBlogger
  • East Central Illinois Criminal Law & DUI Weblog
  • Florida DUI Traffic Ticket Lawyer Blog
  • Kentucky DUI Defense Lawyer
  • Minnesota DWI Defense
  • South Carolina DUI Lawyer Blog
  • Maryland DUI Attorney Blog
  • About the DUI Lawyer Blog Watch

    Launched in August 2008, this site is an aggregation of the 50 latest posts from 79 DUI and criminal law blogs. was created with the help of Arizona DUI attorney Lawrence Koplow, who writes both the Arizona DUI Defence Blog and the Arizona Criminal Lawyer Blog.

    Stem Legal welcomes new additions to this growing list. If you know of a DUI blogging lawyer not listed, please let us know.

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