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McClanahan Myers Espey Launches Dead Peasant Insurance FAQ

Stem Legal congratulates our client, Mike Myers of McClanahan Myers Espey LLP , on the launch of his new website, Dead Peasants Insurance FAQ ( The site answers common questions about Corporate Owned Life Insurance (COLI).  COLI is also known as janitor insurance or dead peasants insurance.

The site also explains how COLI originated, provides a list of companies that are believed to have bought insurance policies on the lives of their employees, and discusses employer disclosure obligations.

About Mike Myers: Mike Myers has a national law practice involving class actions and commercial litigation at both the trial and appellate levels. He has been counsel in cases involving eighteen approved class action settlements, including the Wal-Mart and Fina Oil “dead peasant” insurance cases.  He is frequently used as a media resource on the topics of insurance and annuities, having appeared in the National Law Journal and on CNN’s Prime News with Erica Hill to discuss life insurance issues. Myers also consulted on the documentary film SiCKO. He practices with McClanahan Myers Espey LLP in Houston, TX.

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