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John Hochfelder Launches Brain Injury Lawyer FAQ Site

Stem client John Hochfelder, a New York attorney who specializes in serious traumatic injury cases, today announced the launch of his new website, Brain Injury Lawyer FAQ at

Devoted to the medical and legal aspects of brain injuries, the site includes a large collection of questions and answers on topics such as brain anatomy, diagnosis, traumatic brain injury, financial assistance/Medicaid, and more. Explanations of the intimidating and often complex aspects of brain injury lawsuits are also provided.

The site also features a nationwide brain injury verdict tracker, which lists an ongoing collection of recent settlements and verdicts, with details and dollar values where available for each. complements Mr. Hochfelder’s blog, New York Injury Cases Blog, where he explains in plain language how and why traumatic injury cases are valued, especially regarding specific types of injuries.

About John Hochfelder: John Hochfelder is a traumatic injury attorney based in White Plains, New York, with decades of experience in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cases. He is an advisor to two brain injury assistance foundations, and has spent almost 10 years as a volunteer assistant teacher of brain injured children. Mr. Hochfelder has also served as an EMT for six years and served six years as a local court judge.

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