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Hissey Kientz Launches Mesothelioma Help Website

Stem Legal client Hissey Kientz LLP has launched Mesothelioma Lawyers Help, a new website located at

Focusing on causes, symptoms, and types of mesothelioma, the site provides a wealth of information on the disease and its connection to asbestos exposure. It also monitors and cites current litigation in the news, and explains the mesothelioma lawsuit process.

Mesothelioma is most commonly caused by exposure to asbestos, and often affects workers whose jobs bring them into regular contact with asbestos fibers or asbestos-containing products. Asbestos exposure can also cause lung cancer and other diseases.

The website is operated by the mesothelioma law practice group at  Hissey Kientz LLP and is updated regularly. Further information is available at the website or by contacting the firm’s lawyers directly.

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