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New Stem Website Tracks DUI Lawyer Blogs

Stem Legal Web Enterprises is pleased to announce the launch of the DUI Lawyer Blog Watch. This new website, located at, offers a one-page aggregation of the 50 most recent postings by attorneys blogging on DUI law.

Similar to the website Stem launched in January which tracks Florida Lawyer blogs, the DUI Lawyer Blog Watch uses RSS technology to mix together the most recent commentary provided by blogging DUI lawyers; which numbered 53 as of launch today.

Once again, Stem’s approach has been to develop this type of website with the help of one of its clients. Lawrence Koplow, a Phoenix DUI lawyer, and who blogs at the Arizona DUI Defense Blog, will serve as one of the principal contact points for the site. Attorneys blogging on issues related to DUI law can contact either Lawrence or Steve Matthews to have their website added.

We are also pleased to note that there have been some improvements to Stem’s original feed mixing model. In addition to including blogs dedicated to the subject of DUI law, this site also collects the feeds for a number of noted Criminal law bloggers – whose posts are treated in a slightly different manner. Unlike DUI blog posts which will immediately go into the mix, Criminal law blogs are pre-filtered to include only those posts with the terms DUI or DWI. This was done to impose a greater level of subject relevance for the website’s readers.

For more information about the DUI Lawyer Blog Watch, please contact Steve Matthews at 604.826.8072, or by email at

About Lawrence Koplow: Lawrence Koplow is a former DUI and Vehicular Crimes prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. As founding partner of Koplow Law Firm, Mr. Koplow now uses this experience for the benefit of clients, practicing exclusively as an Arizona DUI Lawyer. More information about Mr. Koplow’s services can be found on his Arizona DUI Center website at His opinions and commentary on issues related to Arizona DUI law can be found on his Arizona DUI Defense Blog – located at

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