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More Recognitions for Clark Wilson LLP

Clark Wilson LLP, BC’s Law Firm for Business (that’s their tag line), has been doing some great things lately. And fortunately for us here at Stem, the firm’s approach to web communication makes tracking that information an easy process.

Clark Wilson’s continuous updates for both the “News & Notes” and “Press Clippings” sections of their website provide a regular stream of firm highlights. They also regularly distribute content for firm newsletters and bulletins in multiple formats with RSS, e-mail, and hardcopy editions. A great example of the firm’s ongoing commitment to user choice.

Over the course of the past month, the firm has received a number of positive recognitions, including:

Requests for republication and media interview opportunities are, of course, the final by-product of a good web strategy. And Clark Wilson LLP continues to be a great example for law firms looking to use the web to drive profile online.

Stem Legal commends their ongoing commitment.

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