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Stem Client McClanahan Myers Espey LLP Launches New Website

Stem Legal congratulates our client McClanahan Myers Espey LLP on the launch of their new website, located at

As Randy McClanahan describes, in a video about the firm,

“It isn’t like going into a big firm where you deal with the secretary or the receptionist, and you never know who you’re going to be working with. You come to McClanahan Myers Espey, and you talk to Randy, or Bob, or Mike. We try to be approachable.”

His sentiments capture the essence of the website perfectly.

Through a refreshing mix of engaging video and descriptions reflective of the firm’s experience, visitors get a good sense of:

The site also features information for general counsel, joint ventures, and the latest commentary from the Contingent Fee Business Litigation blog.

In an industry where generic websites are a dime a dozen, McClanahan Myers Espey LLP has done a commendable job of simplifying their presentation to clients.  Stem Legal would like to offer a proud congratulations to Randy, Bob, and Mike!

McClanahan Myers Espey LLP is the type of innovative firm we like to work with.

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