Building web profile for the legal industry.

Monthly Retainer Service

Since 2007, we have helped hundreds of law firms build their presence online; and we can help you too.

Stem Legal offers a flat-fee monthly retainer to help law firms (and other law-related organizations) manage their websites and digital services.

We use our company’s entire repertoire of skills to help you. From basic website management and building your presence in Google, to digital publishing tactics and creating new features for your website, we are a complete support solution.

At Stem, we know that no two clients are the same. We will work together to design a relationship based on your particular goals, and to create strategies that respond to your specific needs.

While the services we provide will be customized to you, some of the basics remain the same:

  • Firms engage us on a monthly basis with an initial commitment of 6 months.
  • We limit the number of firms we work with in each market.
  • Our retainer includes up to 10 service hours each month (see ‘our approach’ below)
  • The cost is often less than a part-time employee: $2,225 CDN/USD.

Our retainer service is designed to be an outsourced product that supplements your firm’s internal workflow, rather than compete. We collaborate with our clients on strategy, create lists of required tasks and then work alongside your team to get the job done.

Our approach includes:

  • Ongoing input on the firm’s web marketing strategy
  • WordPress management: software and plugin updates, backups, emergency response
  • Scheduling and automation coding for website content
  • Organic SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Target audience profiling, content creation strategies
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Law blog coaching & promotion
  • Google Account Management: Business (Local Maps) and Webmaster Tools
  • Website analytics & lead tracking
  • Answering your questions & providing help when you need it.

The goal is simple: to increase your firm’s online profile and web-driven business opportunities.  When you do something online, we make sure it gets noticed.

We are more than consultants. Our client relationships are engaged, responsive, and involved. We see our retainer service as part web developer, part consultant, part PR agent, and part coach.

Sound like a service that would fit your firm? Contact us.


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