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Seeking Best Practices for Editorial Calendars

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In my role as Editorial Manager here at Stem, I’ve been kicking around the idea of using an editorial calendar to help us better manage the content we publish. With four authors, two main blogs (plus a couple other sites that have fairly scheduled content requirements), one news feed, and tons of projects on the go, we sometimes struggle with… more »

Another Blogging Pet Peeve: No RSS Feed

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In my recent post about blogging pet peeves, I overlooked a major one: not having an RSS feed! I am a big-time consumer of content via RSS — so much so that sometimes when I click through to read a post on its website, I realize I had no idea what the website looked like until just then, despite… more »

Blogging Pet Peeves

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As I followed the stream of live-tweeting from last week’s ABA TECHSHOW, I was thrilled to see this tweet: You see, calling a blog post a “blog” is one of my greatest blogging pet peeves, and apparently I’m not alone – the barrage of retweets proved it! While I’m on the topic of blogging pet peeves, here are a… more »

Grammar School

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This recent infographic on Copyblogger caught my eye. Some of these grammar goofs have never tripped me up, but others I have to watch out for – less/fewer is one I find easy to get right in writing, but sometimes I hear myself saying the wrong word out loud. I love it when I ixnay a dangling participle, but know… more »

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