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Terry O’Reilly on Hyper-Targeting

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If you’re a fan of Terry O’Reilly’s wonderful radio program, Under the Influence (previously called The Age of Persuasion), you might have caught this weekend’s show on hyper-targeting. If not, be sure to check out this episode, which is summarized pretty nicely in the blog post, but is even better in audio thanks to O’Reilly’s dulcet tones.… more »

How to find out your law firm’s mobile traffic percentage?

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Does someone at your firm track what percentage of web traffic comes from iPads, iPhones, or Android devices? They should. Every firm should know two things with respect to mobile: First, what do your firm’s websites and blogs look like on the most popular devices? And second, what percentage of traffic is currently being displayed on those devices? Finding out… more »

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