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Check it Out: Amazing Drag-and-Drop UI Concept

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Ishac Bertran put together this very cool demo of how much easier transferring files from one device to another could be with a few hardware tweaks from our favourite manufacturers, using technology that exists in other devices: If you want to hear more about the thought process behind his idea, check out Bertran’s blog post, ‘Natural interactions withmore »

How to find out your law firm’s mobile traffic percentage?

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Does someone at your firm track what percentage of web traffic comes from iPads, iPhones, or Android devices? They should. Every firm should know two things with respect to mobile: First, what do your firm’s websites and blogs look like on the most popular devices? And second, what percentage of traffic is currently being displayed on those devices? Finding out… more »

Amazing mobile phone user manual

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Vitamins, a London based design studio, created a unique and amazing user manual for Samsung phones, specifically targeted at less tech-savvy users. From their site: Rather than design a dumbed down “special phone” we decided to look at the problem in a different way. Maybe existing phones don’t need to be changed, maybe we should change the way… more »

Great gallery of interface details

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Little Big Details is an online gallery showcasing some amazing details in website and software user interfaces. Anyone can submit screenshots of neat details they’ve noticed on their favourite sites, and the gallery makes for some fascinating browsing and inspiration. The examples in the gallery range from (literally!) invisible usability tweaks, like the iPad’s ‘phantom keys’ when you use the… more »

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