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If I can’t find your business online, it may as well not exist

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As an early 30-something, I find myself caught between generations and the labels and expectations that go along with them. I resent the mostly condescending and unflattering characteristics that usually appear in profiles of Millennials, but in one regard I’m sure I am actually very typical: I use the internet for (almost) everything. And I’m constantly being reminded that older… more »

Short & Sweet: Google’s New SEO Cheat Sheet

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A new cheat sheet from Google Webmaster Tools says that website optimization comes down to three basic things: look good in the search results, help Google understand images, and update and keep going – that’s it! This one page publication, dubbed a “first-steps cheat sheet for friends and family” – in other words, for folks who have just set… more »

The First Hour

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I enjoyed Kevin Purdy’s Fast Company piece on “What Successful People Do With the First Hour of Their Work Day“. Purdy had me from the first paragraph: “Remember when you used to have a period at the beginning of every day to think about your schedule, catch up with friends, maybe knock out a few tasks? It was called… more »

Another Blogging Pet Peeve: No RSS Feed

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In my recent post about blogging pet peeves, I overlooked a major one: not having an RSS feed! I am a big-time consumer of content via RSS — so much so that sometimes when I click through to read a post on its website, I realize I had no idea what the website looked like until just then, despite… more »

Blogging Pet Peeves

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As I followed the stream of live-tweeting from last week’s ABA TECHSHOW, I was thrilled to see this tweet: You see, calling a blog post a “blog” is one of my greatest blogging pet peeves, and apparently I’m not alone – the barrage of retweets proved it! While I’m on the topic of blogging pet peeves, here are a… more »

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