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‘GIF’ is the American Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year

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As we posted earlier this year on the Greenhouse, the term GIF (or graphic interchange format) just celebrated its 25th anniversary, and has now been named the American Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2012. Although the term has been around for quite a while, its transition to being used as a verb (‘to gif’) was why… more »

WordPress Wednesday: Uploading More MIME Types to the Media Library

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In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’re going to cover how to change the file types that you can upload to WordPress’s media library, allowing the addition of some file types that WordPress does not allow by default (like .eps files), or the restriction of file types that can be uploaded.

Extending and Limiting MIME Types with Plugins

The Managemore »

WordPress Update: WP 3.4.2 Has Been Released

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This isn’t a Wednesday, but it’s time to talk WordPress anyway: WordPress 3.4.2 has just been released, and it’s time to do some upgrades! WP 3.4.2 is a maintenance and security update, so although it won’t add any nifty new features to your site, it’s important as it fixes a bunch of issues that have been identified since… more »

WordPress Wednesday: Customizing Comment Output

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The output for WordPress comments is generated by using the wp_list_comments() function, but actually editing the markup used by the comments is a little tricky. If you needed to add, say, an extra <div> to get your design to work, you’ll find that there isn’t actually a theme file you can edit. Here is a handy snippet I ran… more »

WordPress Wednesday: How to Import a Too-Large Database Backup

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This week’s WordPress Wednesday is short and sweet, but covers a pretty big issue. Recently I had to import a very large SQL database backup from a WordPress site; so large, in fact, the import tool in PhpMyAdmin was unable to run the import without timing out. Enter the BigDump.php script, a staggered SQL database importer. The BigDump script… more »

WordPress Wednesday: Setting Up Month Archives to Only Display Custom Taxonomy

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This week’s WordPress Wednesday is a bit convoluted, but is the product of a problem I ran across on a recent project. The blog I was building required that the posts be divided and displayed in two separate groups. This was accomplished by using a different custom taxonomy for each group of posts; that way, each could use a regular… more »

WordPress Wednesday: Excluding Categories from the_category();

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In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’re covering a simple way to exclude categories from the_category() tag’s output in your themes. On a recent project, I not only wanted to make sure the ‘Uncategorized’ tag didn’t display; I also needed to hide two additional tags that were doing some heavy-lifting in the background, but didn’t need to be displayed on the… more »

Happy 25th Birthday, Animated GIF!

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Today, the animated GIF is an amazing 25 years old! Check out the history of the GIF and celebratory animations on the Daily Dot, or celebrate the day by arguing whether or not GIF is pronounced with a hard or soft ‘G’. Me, I’m going to go searching for some more cat animations. ETA: I wasmore »

WordPress Wednesday: Displaying Random & Related Posts

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In this week’s WordPress Wednesday, we’re going to cover two little code snippets that can encourage readers to check out other posts on your blog or site: one to display a list of related posts, and another to display a list of random posts.

Related Posts

To display a list of posts related to the one currently being displayed, you… more »

So Long ‘T’: Twitter’s New Branding

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As of today, Twitter is introducing a new simplified bird icon that will now replace the original version (and the ‘T’) on all their official buttons and branding. It’s a little tricky to tell looking at the ‘Tweet This’ button above, but when looking at larger images, the differences between the old and new designs are quite striking: From more »

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