Too Impatient for Video? Try Short Cutts

theshortcuttsGoogle’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, has given us the goods on Google’s view of SEO through more than 500 Q&A videos since 2009. But web marketing and development agency ClickConsult says that “While the videos are great, sometimes the guy just needs to get to the point.” To that end, they’ve created a very cool website that distils the advice from each Cutts video into an ultra-brief answer – hence, “The Short Cutts“.

You can browse Cutts’ videos or search for keywords, and each video is annotated with the question and a quick answer –  just one word or short phrase. Given that Cutts’ video usually run between two and five minutes (according to Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land), this saves a considerable amount of time. Pointless but fun bonus: you can also sort the videos based on what colour of shirt Cutts is wearing!

Schwartz says this site is “exactly what Matt Cutts and Google means when they talk about creating value add on someone else’s content.” Nicely done, ClickConsult, nicely done.

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